Klip-Lok Box Gutter - DIY Kit - 500mm wide ($14.70 per metre)

Klip-Lok Box Gutter - DIY Kit - 500mm wide ($14.70 per metre)

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  • 500mm Wide Powder-Coated Aluminium Mesh with a 3mm X 4mm hole aperture.

  • Powder-coated screws to attach the mesh to each Klip-Lok rib on the roof (12 per metre)

  • Colorbond 900mm length FLAT/OPEN ANGLE Trims to attach mesh to the top of your box gutters, and powder-coated screws to attach them (4 screws per every metre provided).

  • 20 year warranty on the product.

    *For Mesh, select the colour closest to your roof colour, and select the trim colour closest to your gutter colour.

    Screws will be provided to match the selected colours of each item.*

    Take note: We only provide exactly what you order, no extra is provided, we advise ordering more than what you need due to offcuts, overlaps, etc.,